Face Mask Olpympia Airflow1

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One of the preventative method to fight the outspread of the Corona-virus is to keep a face-mask always ON when you need to go and about.

BAS UK as a thank you for all the help received during his long battle is producing these face mask and exchanging them to a £10 contribution . We chose not make any profit margin on this product so as to make it accessible and cheap to many, especially during these trial times.

You can order as many as you want.

Sizes : default size is large, but you can leave a note to specify if you would want size small(s) , medium(M) or large(L)

Material : It comes in two types of fabrics – default fabric is quilted. ( Please specify if you prefer the Olympia airflow fabric type )

  • Quilted
  • Olympia airflow

Please take care.


138 reviews for Face Mask Olpympia Airflow1

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