Inhuman and degrading.

Inhuman and degrading treatment by Cameroonian Police Force on Cameroonian fellow citizens.

Who are these people ?

What is their crimes ?

What could they have done?

Are they human beings just like their executioners?

Are they also bore from a woman’s flesh ?

Are these people’s children?

Is the Cameroon government aware of this daylight crime? ( of course they are the law and order executioners committing this inhuman action)

What is the Cameroonian population response to this inhuman act ?

Where is our “CLAIMED” big lawyers and Doctors to stand up and defend these poor souls?

What is the response of the international community, international politics makers, international organisations, international partners, international law writers, international whistle blowers, international diaspora, international thinkers and others view about this kind of act happening in the 21st century in Cameroon.

There is no doubt this is happening in Cameroon.

If all mentioned above are not or cannot be our solution; then where else to seek solution ?

Sadly we need to be set free and we have the duty of care to each other , and as a nation suffering under the unjust rulers of Yaounde, to retaliate by whatever method we see fit .

This is Bad. This is atrocious. This is wicked. This is unjust. This is very unfortunate.

It goes without saying that we will be termed as terrorist when we take drastic measures to outweigh the oppressive force menacing “us”.

2 thoughts on “Inhuman and degrading.”

  1. I’m sorry to say, 99% of French speaking Cameroonians are NINCOMPOOPS! They can’t stand up to riot against brutality perpetrated against the pepole by these terrorists who call themselves law and order force. If just a third of the population rise up and protest as one, in one voice, this nonsense would cease. Then again, corruption is ingrained in the blood of a typical CameroonIan that a bottle of 33, or Beaufort would have him or her give up or sell their birth rights! It’s a disgusting country that even their president is an absentee president. He is lazy and rules by terror to intimidate people to submission. He is not proud of the quality of his job as a president, and that’s why he is always running away to hide in foreign countries. He is a mistake for a human! It’s a case where his mother should have aborted him.

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